SolRX SPORT SPRAY SPF 50 Sunscreen – Continuous Spray Can


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SolRX’s New SPORT SPRAY SPF 50 Continuous Dry-Spray Sunscreen is a REEF FRIENDLY AND OXYBENZONE FREE formula.

The unique 360° locking continuous spray Push / Pull Trigger allows for a superior spray dispensing at any angle – even upside down! (valve on bag ensures zero waste, won’t leak, spill or accidentally spray.)

This oil free, clear, fragrance-free, fine dry spray ensures that SolRX SPORT SPRAY SPF50 sunscreen provides perfectly balanced UVA/UVB protection.

o Includes Infra-Red-Guard to help fight against visible signs of skin aging caused by free radical cell damage.

o Absorbs into the skin quickly for a cool dry feel.

o Water resistant up to 80 minutes.

o Suitable for all skin types – perfect for adults and children.

o Great for travel and safe storage in sports bags.


Made by athletes, for athletes.


Cycle. Run. Golf. Fish. Hike. Sail.

• Reef Friendly
• Oxybenzone-free
• I-R Guard
• Non-aerosol, eco-friendly
• Oil-free
• Paraben-free
• Fragrance-free
• Recyclable Packaging

Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure to the sun and never apply to wet skin for maximum protection.
SolRX supports enjoying the sun responsibly: always wear a hat, sunglasses, protective clothing, avoid the sun during peak times and always wear your sunscreen 😎

Lab tested IRPF Factor (Infrared Radiation Protection Factor)



1. Make sure skin is dry
2. Spray liberally to cover all areas of your body which will be exposed to the sun (as well as areas beneath thin clothing through which you can burn).
3. Allow the sunscreen mist to absorb into your skin – no need to rub it in.
4. Wait 20 minutes before going in the sun

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Dimensions 22 × 7 × 5 cm


Avobenzone 3.0%

Homosalate 15.0%

Octisalate 5.0%
Octocrylene 8.0%