Hair is the most fragile when wet.

This is the time to handle it gently and with care. The less friction on your hair when wet, the less damage you will cause.

While a standard bath towel may seem good enough, it is, in fact, too heavy and too rough and may cause unnecessary damage and breakage to the delicate hair fibres.

Hair drying towels are designed to be soft, light-weight and gentle on the hair. The soft microfiber reduces the amount of friction when towel drying and absorbs 10 times its weight in water, thus halving the drying time and reducing potential frizz.

Fitted with a handy elastic loop and button at the back to secure the towel firmly in place, it ensures the towel does not fall side to side causing friction and tugging on your wet hair.

Pro tip: If you have thick hair, have two wraps handy and switch out after five minutes for an even quicker drying time.

One Size Fits Most

One Size Fits Most

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