Size Guide

Size Guide


Size Guide Diagram Position XS S M L XL
For the    broader shoulders
Extra length
Length a 65 cm 85 cm 100 cm 113 cm 113 cm 122cm 125 cm
Width b 55 cm 65 cm 75 cm 82 cm 88 cm 88 cm 95 cm
Armhole Opening c 18 cm 23 cm 27 cm 30 cm 33 cm 33 cm 33 cm
Age 2 – 5 yrs 4 – 10 yrs Teens/Small Adult Adult Large Adult Tall adult Large & Tall

Height Range Ankle to knee

85-110 cm 110 -135 cm 135-162 cm 155-183 cm 155-183 cm 165-192 cm 170-200 cm


Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from one garment to another

Minimum recommended height is indicated so that you do not stand on the towel.

Recommended heights range from ankle length to just under the knee.

Take Note: There is a big jump in sizes from Small to Medium to Large. This is because children are growing. We recommend that you rather buy the largest size for their height and allow them to grow into it. This will also give you many more years of use before they outgrow the towel and need the next size up. The towel is functional and should be over-sized to be used as intended.